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May 9, 2016

Poelcapelle is in Belgium, not far from Ypres. During the First World War the area was the scene of some bitter fighting and it was almost reduced to rubble, but there is nothing that can’t be rebuilt. The only trouble is that there was a British tank, a badly damaged Mark IV male, which lay, half buried, near the cross roads at the end of the town.

Damon II in Poelcapelle

Damon II on display in Poelcapelle

It was a 4th Battalion tank, named Damon II it had been there since October 1917. Now that the war had moved on, indeed was almost over, and Poelcapelle was being steadily rebuilt, so the tank was dug up, cleaned up and displayed in the market place.

We don’t actually know whether this was done by Tank Corps personnel or by the villagers themselves but the tank was not an official presentation, just something the villagers wanted to remind them of the war and the sacrifice of the Tank Corps.

The tank was taken away and scrapped by the Germans during the Second World War but a new one is being built by the Poelcapelle 1917 Association and there is also a Tank Memorial nearby.

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  1. Thank you David for bringing to the public awareness that a tank memorial is also located within the same village.


    Excellent article & thank you for sharing David.

  2. Hi David.
    My recent respectful request/comment seems to have disappeared?? Can you confirm that you received it & that it is receiving attention please? Thank you.
    As a matter of interest, the TMYS has a full 100 years commemoration itinerary in preparation. Perhaps you would also kindly consider to be of assistance to the memorial or perhaps it could be of use to the Tank Museum’s commemoration plans?

    Hoping my original message did not get lost in web space ha!

    Best wishes

    Chris Lock.

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