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October 21, 2016

Barnsley, in Yorkshire, received its tank on 27 June 1919. It was delivered to the goods yard and driven from there by a Tank Corps crew, to a temporary resting place in the town centre, two weeks later the men returned and drove the tank to its permanent site in Locke Park where it was displayed along with a German 77mm field gun.

The tank was a female, No. 2746 but the presence of unditching beam rails and the white/red/white marking on the nose implies that it was an active service tank from France which was relatively unusual. The tank deteriorated and was considered dangerous so it was decided to scrap it in 1926, although the matter was first discussed in September 1921, not long after the tank arrived. It was removed on 9 August 1926 by a Mr Dunk from Worsborough who had paid £31/10/00 for the privilege, he also took the German gun.

Although it is nothing to do with the present topic, it is believed that the German guns were presented to towns where a Victoria Cross winner had resided, but it seems that not many people were aware of that.

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