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Colchester X750


October 14, 2016

At Colchester, in Essex, the gifted tank was set up on a plinth alongside the ancient castle walls. It was a Mark IV female although its number is not recorded. However we do know that it sported unditching beam rails and the white/red/white markings which indicate that it served in France and was not a mere training machine from Bovington.

No date is available to show when it arrived although it seems to have been parked up to begin with at a location known as Abbey Fields while the Council decided upon a date for the official hand over.  A number of proposed dates came and went but the tank seems to have had ideas of its own because it broke down while driving from Abbey Fields to the Castle Park. In the end it was New Year’s Day, January 1st 1920, before this event took place.

Having, as usual, become a rather unsightly wreck by 1934 the tank was duly disposed of for the princely sum of £7 15 shillings early that year.

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