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West Ealing x750


October 17, 2016

A Mark IV female tank was displayed on a specially made plinth in Dean Gardens in West Ealing which today is part of the Greater London Area.

The odd thing is that neither West Ealing, nor Ealing itself, appears among the list of locations published in the journal Silver Bullet which was distributed by the National War Savings Committee. The list, which covered all the towns and cities in England and Wales that were destined to be offered tanks, appeared on 16 April 1919.

There are a number of possibilities; either West Ealing provided a home for the tank which was supposed to go to a nearby location where they didn’t have any room or West Ealing came high enough on the list when another location refused theirs. Or someone famous in the development of the tank lived nearby or some local industry played a leading part in Tank production. We just don’t know.

If you know please get in touch and we’ll pass this information on to The Friends of the Lincoln Tank who would like to know.

We believe that the tank was scrapped in 1932 but confirmation of that would be welcome.

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