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February 16, 2016

The name A7V is an abbreviation of the organisation within the German War Department that created it:
`Allgemeines Kreigsdepartment 7. Abteilung Verkehrswessen` (General War Department 7 Branch, Transportation)

The Tank Museum has a full-size working replica of an A7V, built in the UK by armour enthusiast and Museum Friend Bob Grundy from plywood and angle iron on the chassis of an agricultural tracked vehicle.

Thought to be the only operational replica in the world, it is identical in appearance and named `Schnuck` after one of the originals.  `Schnuck` was captured by New Zealand soldiers in August 1918 before being displayed in London.  It was sadly broken up for scrap in the early 1920’s around the same time The Tank Museum was being proposed to preserve examples of the first British tanks.

Only one original A7V remains. It was captured by an Australian regiment, who had it shipped home to Brisbane where it can be seen on display in the Queensland Museum.

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