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Mark IV Replica Track Repair_019 blog


September 12, 2016

The Tank Museum’s Mark IV replica has been working very hard in 2016, so required a bit of maintenance before starring in the Tank 100 commemorations.

Mark IV Replica Track Repair_035 blogThis vehicle was at the fore front of commemorations during the centenary of the tank and as such underwent a comprehensive overhaul at the start of the year. This included track maintenance.

Museum workshop staff removed the tracks and each individual track plate. Each one was checked for flatness and the workshops took the opportunity to straighten and reinforce each one to prevent bending. There are two hundred track plates on the vehicle and four bolts holding each one in place… some come off more easily than others!

The Mark IV appeared on 15 September at Trafalgar Square and at The Tank 100 commemorations on 17 September at The Tank Museum – read about the celebrations here

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