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June 4, 2018

The enormously successful Great War Channel has been documenting the story of the First World War, on YouTube, since 2014 and is watched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 

At Amiens 100 you can meet Indy Neidell, host and star of The Great War as well as the entire crew of the show, in the impressive setting of The Tank Museum, which holds the world’s largest collection of First World War tanks.

Great War ChannelBronze: Event Ticket and Fan Meeting | £20 | Click here to buy

Gain entry to the Amiens 100 event and meet Indy Neidell and the crew behind The Great War Channel.

Silver: Bronze tier benefits + an exclusive WW1 Tank Poster signed by Indy | £40 | Click here to buy

Gain entry to the Amiens 100 event, where you will meet Indy Neidell and the crew behind The Great War Channel, as well as receiving an exclusive WW1 tank poster signed by Indy.

Great War ChannelGold: Silver tier benefits + a professional signed photo taken with Indy | £70 (Limited Availability) | Click here to buy

Gain entry to the Amiens 100 event, where you will meet Indy Neidell and the crew behind The Great War Channel. Have a professional photo taken of you with Indy, printed and signed on the day. The Great War team will also hold a small Q&A session, which is a great chance to chat with Indy. Plus: Receive the signed tank poster.

Platinum: Gold tier benefits + an exclusive evening dinner in The Tank Museum after Amiens 100 | £150 (Limited Availability) | Click here to buy

You will receive all the benefits as listed in the Gold tier. Then, after the event has finished, you will be part of an exclusive three-course dinner hosted by Indy Neidell and Curator David Willey at The Tank Museum. This dinner will also include a tour of The Tank Museum’s First World War tank collection.
All tiers include an Annual Pass to The Tank Museum, so you can visit year round!*


Great War ChannelWhy does it cost money?
Both The Tank Museum and The Great War channel can only operate with the generous support of their fans. The revenue of the fan meeting tickets is directly supporting both organizations.

Can I take selfies or normal photos with Indy and the crew?
Yes, you can take as many photos for private use as you want. The Gold and Platinum ticket holders will get a professional photo taken and printed out as a special way to say thanks for supporting the show and the museum.

I have special dietary needs, can I still take part in the fan dinner?
Yes, we will survey any special dietary needs before the dinner and will make sure that everyone will have a great time.

Please email marketing@tankmuseum.org or call 01929 405096 for more information.

*Excluding Special Events (TANKFEST & Tiger Day)


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