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Tank Ancestors Family History Guide


The Tank Museum has produced a book that is essential reading for anyone involved in family history wishing to trace ancestors in the various British tank regiments.

Tracing Your Tank Ancestors

Tracing Your Tank Ancestors, by Janice Tait & David Fletcher

The project was undertaken following the growth in recent years of family history related enquiries in the Museum’s Archive and Library.

“Family history research is brining people face to face with military history for the first time,” David Fletcher said. “But as the two world wars fade into history, the average family history researcher often has very little to go on – other than that they served in `the tanks`.  This book has allowed us to deal with a lot of the questions we are frequently asked, and explain to readers exactly how to go about tracing their tank ancestors.”

”What makes tracing an ancestor’s military heritage so difficult is the terminology – which to the ordinary citizen is all but impenetrable.  The difference between battalions, regiments, divisions and corps can be difficult for the casual researcher to unpick; and what can be even more confusing is the changing nomenclature of the tank arm along with the many regimental mechanisations and amalgamations that have taken place since World War One,” he added.

The new book promises to explain, clarify and demystify the subject for the ordinary family historian.  It contains practical guidance and provides a flavour of what tank warfare was like in times past by including some stories and accounts from individuals – the kind of things that others tracing their family history have discovered.

For more on the first tank crews, have a look at our products below.

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  1. Very interesting and informative website. Thank you for posting the information and pictures. Visiting your museum is one of my goals for the future.

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